The Phone Number Replacement Tool


To be launched soon, the phone number replacement tool is a small JavaScript snippet that saves you tons of time. The JavaScript snippet searches for a specific phone number in all of the webpage text and replaces it with another number.

How to do this:

  1. Go to the call section in the admin panel and click on the Number replacement tab. Thenk Click on the Add New Number Replacement Rule.


  1. Fill in the settings requested. *Note: If you have not acquired a tracking number, you won’t be able to finish the process. There is a link to acquire a new tracking number in the form.


Form Replacement Validation

The nature of phone tracking is to save Quality assurance data and to obtain conversion data. Conversion data can be measuring the impact of advertising that driving traffic, the efficiency of the landing page or a series of pages in a funnel. This is why, the last step when creating the phone replacement JavaScript is to choose the condition that will activate the number replacement process. In this case we only want to measure calls coming in from a specific online campaign that is activated through a QR code handed out in flyers.


Adding the JS snippet.

Place the code in your website within the <body></body> tags. In WordPress, you can do it by adding it to the template, to the footer.php section or directly adding it to specific posts and pages using the text editor.


To get the code, click on the “Get Code” button at the far right of the new phone replacement rule you have just created.


You will get a box. Get the entire code and place it on your website within the <body></body> tags.



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