Copy an Existing Form


To be released soon, the Copy an Existing Form tool will let you duplicate any of your already created forms. This is useful when you need to copy or duplicate a form that took a lot of time to design or simply, you need to save time by creating a new but identical form

To copy an existing form on your account: login, then go to (1)Forms, then click on (2)Create New Form and after that click on (3)Copy an Existing Form.

Once you click on "Copy an Existing Form" a pop up will immediately appear, showing the preview and the name of all your existing forms.

Find the form on the previews and click on it. Once you've clicked on it, you'll be redirected to the General Settings of the new duplicated form. It will be named as the previous form + "Copy". Rename the form, then Save & Publish before moving on.

That's it, you've successfully duplicated a form! :) Feel free to finish customizing your form if needed.

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