Uploading Custom Tabs


You can upload your own TAB designs to customize Callout Tab Form Trigger

It's important to make everything in your website obey the same design and aesthetic guide lines, any web developer and web designer knows that. And we do to.

This is how you can upload your own custom tab designs:

1. Login to ContactUs.com 

2. Click on Forms

3. Choose a form you want to edit

4. Click on Form Triggers on the left sidebar 

5. Choose Call-Out Tab

6. Go to the horizontal sub-menu and click on Call Out Tabs, then on the drop-down click on Upload your Own 

7. Choose the tab from your files and Upload

8. Use the rotation and size options to make it look the way you envisioned it. 

9. Hit Save Template. Then choose it from your tab library. 


Make sure you save and publish your changes to your form:


Uploading Custom Tabs

We have made two new updates in the July 30, 2014 release to give users more image configuration options when using the “Upload a Custom Tab” module.


Sizing Adjustments

We have improved the way in which uploaded custom tabs are shown on websites.  Previously, any user-uploaded custom tabs would be automatically re-sized.  We now have an option for users to either 1) have the tab images automatically re-sized (same as the previous), or 2) retain the original image size of the file uploaded (new in this release). 



Users now have the ability to rotate images clock-wise or counter-clockwise to their desired rotation.  Previously, you had to rotate the image prior to upload, and that rotation couldn’t be changed once the upload was complete.  Simply click the “Rotate” button to flip the image around, and preview how it might look with different alignments and positions on the page.

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