How To Create Custom Appointment Service Types


Service Types are additional features for your appointment form. They are very useful if you have different kinds of services or sales processes that occur on different time frames and on different days of the week or month. A therapist might have different kinds of activities like group therapy for different kinds of issues. Some happen on Monday, say for substance abuse, and some happen on Thursdays, say Thursday meetings are for people managing a big loss. And the rest of the week, the therapist provides one on one appointments. 

With Appointment Service Types, this is what this specific example would look like: 


This is how you add Appointment Service Types to your form:


1. Go to Calendar

2. Click on Appointment Settings. *Left Column

3. Click on Add New Appointment Service (Green Button)

4. Edit the title and description and duration of that appointment service type

5. Click on Save Appointment Type

6. Click on Make Changes *(Yellow button at the bottom). 

7. Now go to set Appointment rules. ( This helps you define what days and what times you are available for each service type). 

8. Click on create new rule. 

9. Choose the appointment service you want to create a rule for. 

10. Choose weather the rule is for an exact date or is a recurring rule that happens on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. 

11. Choose the time frame in which people can schedule an appointment. 

12. Hit save and publish. 

*Do steps 3-12 for every new service type. 


This video shows the creation of three custom service types, along with the creation of a contact form. If you already know how to create a contact form, then skip everything and start watching on minute 2.

If you have any questions, leave them as comments below. 





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