Workflows: How to set Automation Events


The Automation feature allows you to automate outgoing emails sent to your leads. These emails are triggered after specific events, such as managing leads (changing disposition statuses), when a new submission is filled (auto-responder) and when Returning Lead Alerts happen. It saves a lot of time and it's a perfect element to optimize your sales process.

You can create automations that can be triggered:

1. As an auto-responder of any of your forms, sent after a successful submission.

2. When a Lead Status is changed.

3. When a lead returns to your website.

Here is how you activate the Automation Events:


Login to your account and go to (1)Marketing> (2)Automation Events below the Workflows tab.


To create events click on (3)Add. Then, type the email's (4)Subject and Content. Remember you can use magic strings within text like {Contact_Full_Name} {Contact_First_Name}, {Contact_Last_Name}, {Contact_Email} or {Contact_Primary_Phone} to fill up the message with an automated but personal style

Then, select the (5)Event Type from the options, the (6)Form Types and the (7)Specific Forms to which the event will apply. 

(8)Don't forget to Add the Workflow in order to save the changes.


Once you've created all your Automation Events, you can check the (1)Workflow History for each of them. The history will show all the times an email was sent and to whom. Also, if you forgot to add something, you can (2)Edit the event or even (3)Remove it if you don't need it anymore. 

That's it, you're done. Go get the most from this great feature!


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