SENDY: How to integrate forms with SENDY


Hi Guys. Sendy is one of the best value email senders out there. So we thought it would be important to show you how to integrate with Sendy.


1. Get the info you need. You are going to be asked for the following:

  • API Key / Found on the settings page in Sendy. This is how you get to the settings page in SENDY:


  • Subscribe URL

The subscriber URL is your Sendy Installation URL + /subscribe . For example: (This is an example)

  • Subscribe Status URL

Just like the Subscribe URL, add this to your sendy URL /api/subscribers/subscription-status .

For example:

  • List ID is the first column of your lists section in your Sendy installation:

2. Paste it in the Software Integrations Modal for Sendy. (To access third party integrations from the admin panel go to: Forms, Choose the form you want to integrate, look for submission settings link in the bottom half of the sidebar and click on software integrations. Choose Sendy and fill in the blanks in the Sendy Modal :).



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