Lead Notifications Panel


The Lead Notifications Panel was created to give you quick access to new reminders, form submissions, appointments and email responses coming from your leads. All the notifications gather in a list so this gives you the chance to process all your leads in an easy and effective way.

How to get there: Login to your account, go to the "Contacts" module and click on any of the three icons on the top-right corner of your screen.

Once you've clicked on any of the icons, you will be sent into the Lead Notifications Panel. From there, you can select to see email responses, new form submissions, lead reminders or new appointments. 

Email Responses: This tab shows all the responses your leads have sent to you. If you have already took care of a notification here, mark it as viewed so it disappears. To reply to your lead's email, click on "Reply" so you'll be redirected to the lead's profile, right on the 2-way email section so you can write and send a responseLearn more about the 2-way email messaging clicking here.

New Form Submissions: This tab shows the latest submissions of all your forms. You can open the leads to get into their profiles and process them or reply to the message they sent


Lead Reminders: This shows all the reminders you've created. Click on "Call" to get the phone number and make the scheduled call. Go to "CRM" so you can go to the lead's profile and add the information gathered during the call or click on "Email" in order to send an email if the call was not answered, for example.

New Appointments: Here you can see all the appointments requested by your leads using your appointment forms. Accept or Reject them according to your schedule.  

Learn more about the 2-way email messaging clicking here.

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