How to create lead processing rules.


Add rules based lead information. Rules can send emails, send SMS messages and mark leads as a priority.

To create and edit lead processing rules, first click on "Marketing Module" and then click on "Settings" under the sitebar tab called Processing Rules.

  This video is a practical example of how to use Contact Processing Rules.

Contact processing rules are ways of automating actions based on lead activity or new lead information.  These are called the parameters. (View image bellow)

The logic is the relationship between the parameter and the condition. It's the statement that if true, or untrue, triggers the lead processing rule.


And the condition is they key defining factor. In this case, I've used a form key, but it could be the imput a lead fills in on any of the fields when submitting a form.


 *NOTE: As of March 16th 2015, special magic string {Email} (case sensitive) is available and can be added to the "To:" field in the email notification options. In other words, based on what the lead fills in the form, you can send an automatic email to that lead using lead processing rules. This in combination with parent rules allow you to create complex rules based on simple instructions.


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