Uploading files with Filepicker


It's finally here: our forms allow the file or attachment upload. We worked on an integration with Filepicker (great software to take the headache out of file uploads). You'll now be able to cleverly receive attachments from your contacts, leads and clients

Follow these simple steps to place a file upload field on your form:

1. Login to your account, go to Forms and select the form you need to edit. Then, go to Form Settings, select Fields and finally click on Advanced Settings.

2. In the Advanced Settings, paste your Filepicker API Key into the designated field. If you don't have a Filepicker API Key, click here to learn how to get it.

3. Once you've pasted your API Key, make sure you Save & Publish. After that, go to "Basic Fields" and click on the "File" field. That will place the field on your form so you can move it around or customize it as you need. Remember that you can place as many "File" fields as you need to.

Great Job! You're now ready to receive file uploads or attachments!

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