ZAPIER - Sync a form to a Zapier Zap


As a way to enable you to connect with about 115 other online applications, we have created a Zapier integration.

In this tutorial we are going to see how to sync a form to Zapier. Once that is done, you can follow the zapier integration wizzard and fill in the blanks for any of the Zapier enabled platforms like Google's many services, LinkedIn, Facebook, ZoHo, MailChimp, the list is very long ;).


-Log in, choose the form you want to integrate and go to submission settings.


After that, click on the Zapier Integration box

And thats it for now. Keep this browser tab open as is, and in a new tab, go to

Log in or create an account....

Then click on create a new zap.

You will be taken to a view that has two colums, in the first one, search and select the app.


Also make sure you select "New Contact" as the trigger.


Now go to the next colum and pick the service you want to integrate too. Because there are so many, this tutorial will not choose a specific service. (But will create tutorials for each soon).

Once you select both the service and what you want the service to do, ( From the dropdown in the action app box) you will get something called a "Webhook" copy the webhook. Keep this tab open, and go back to your tab.


Back in the integrations panel, paste the webook on the Zapier integration Box. Hit the disabled/enabled toggle, so its set to enabled. And hit save.

Now you can close that window. Navigate back to Zapier and continue the integration wizard. Based on the application you chose to integrate with, zapier will ask you to add filters and map the form fields with the action fields in the integrated application. Just follow Zapiers instructions from then on! :).


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