How to get a Filepicker API Key


If you're not familiar with Filepicker, all you need to know is that it's a great software to take the headache out of file uploads. Learn more about it here

In order to have an API Key, you first need to create an account with them. This is how:

Go to and click on "signup for free". Select the plan you'd like to be on (we suggest free to start) and follow the instructions in order to set up your account. It's a really simple process.

Once your account is ready, make sure to login and then follow these quick steps in order to get your Filepicker API Key:

1. This is the first screen you'll see once logged into Filepicker with your new account. Click on "Create App".

2. Input your new "App Name". This information is for you only, so it could be "", select the checkboxes you'll use and click on "Next Step". 

3. Upload your Logo if you want to (this will only show inside Filepicker and can be done later). Then type the URL: and click on "Next".

That's it you're done! Here's your Filepicker API Key, copy and paste it where it's needed in order to integrate your form with Filepicker.

If you already had a Filepicker account, the process is as simple as the above one. Just make sure you login, click on "Applications" and then on "Create new Application". This will take you to the same screen on step number 2 above so you can follow the instructions from there



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