Replacing the logo with your own logo.


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On Feb 16th, 2015 released a new feature we call "Easy Logo Replacement". The whole idea is for you to brand your lead management platform, your forms and the outbound emails you send to leads. So your account users and leads see your branding and thing of your company. This is very important because it helps people remember your brand and it makes your company look cool. And its easy! :) So easy!

So these are the steps:

1. Go to your account settings.

2. Simply provide the URL of the image or click on upload logo. (You need to provide your API key, more instructions on this here).

3. Use the interface to upload a picture or retrieve it from one of your social media accounts.

4. Hit Update. ( And new options will appear on your account settings page).

5. And choose the places you want to replace the logo with your own logo.


6. Make sure you hit update once more:

* If your forms are not showing the logo, go to the form that is not showing your logo, make sure "Show Branding" is set to ON and hit save and publish. (Even if it already was on save and publish). 

*If oubound emails are not showing the logo, go to form automations and make sure the radio button that says: "With Logo" is selected.

And there you go! Your logo should be showing up everywhere. Here are some examples:

On your Dashboard:

On your Forms:

And on your oubound emails:

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