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If you are new at ContactUs.com or you have other sources where you get lead data bases, you can integrate all of them within your ContactUs.com Lead Management Platform.

It's really easy to import your leads into ContactUs.com. Follow these steps in order to get it done.

Step 1: Getting Ready.

Login to your account, go to your "Contacts", click on "Import Leads" and finally click on "Upload New CSV File".

Once you've clicked on "Upload New CSV File", make sure to download the template.

Step 2: Prepare and Upload your File.

Open the Template you have just downloaded. It's compatible with any spreadsheet software but we use Microsoft Excel for the example. Once you've opened the file, you'll see a data base that includes all the leads information gathered per lines. Every line is one lead and every column header is an attribute of the lead.

Now, customize the file in order to make it fit to your data base information. You can edit, remove or add more column headers

When you have finished adding all the leads, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. The template is already saved as a CSV file, just make sure its still like that.

Step 3: Map and Import the Leads.

Go back to the upload settings and upload your CSV file. First, click on "Browse", find your file and select it. Then write a "Title" and "Notes" about this new upload (helpful to know where the leads came from). Finally, click on "Upload".

You'll see the uploaded file on screen but the leads are not inserted yet because the fields need to be mapped. To insert the rows (leads) in your ContactUs.com Contact list, go to "View" and you'll see all the contacts ready to be imported. 

Once there, you need to go into "Set Conversion Table".

From there, you'll map all the information of your leads (column headers in your CSV file) with the specific fields within your ContactUs.com account. This only needs to be done once because you can save the "Conversion Table" with a "Conversion Name" so when you upload a new set of leads coming from the same source, you'd just have to select the same "Conversion Table". It will automatically map the fields as the first time.

Once you've clicked on "Add Conversion", your leads are ready to be imported. Go to "Back To Lead Imports" and click on the "Copy Rows To Lead Table" button

That's it, you're done, great job! :)




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