My Page Load Trigger is not Working - How to Fix


This is a troubleshooting guide to help you out when you notice that your Page Load Trigger is not Working. 

Please try to solve the issue with all the possibilities described below. The list is sorted by the most common problems users share with the possible fixes to solve them. If these don't work, please feel free to send us a Support Request here

  1. "The page load trigger showed once but after changing my settings it won't pop up again". Possible fix: make sure you restore cookies and cache before testing your form again. If your settings allow the form to pop up "once per user session" make sure to use an incognito window or another browser to test.

  2. "The pop up never showed up after X seconds I set it to". Possible fix: make sure to re-save & re-publish your form's settings. Sometimes a cached error needs to be cleared.

  3. "I set an embedded form and a Page Load Trigger on the same page of my website, the Page Load never shows". Possible fix: Applying the same form twice on a website's page will prevent the pop up from showing. If you need to have an embedded form and a delayed pop up, you need to use different forms: duplicate your existing form (in order to have twin forms in seconds) and implement Form A with the Page Load Trigger and the Form B as an embedded form



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