SMS Lead Notifications for International Phones


You can send SMS notifications to your mobile even if you're based in Istanbul or Peru (anywhere in the world). 

It's really simple to set your international phone number from the delivery options of your form, here is how to do so: 

To find the Delivery Options for each of your forms, follow this simple path:

Login to> Click on Forms> Select the form> Click on "Submission Settings"

Once you're in the Submission Settings of your form, make sure to enable the SMS Notification button and write your phone as follows:

First, write the mandatory code "011". Then write the Country Code and finally input the whole phone number. Make sure to Save & Publish when you're done.

This is an example that works for Guatemala only: "011 502 50022044":

(If you don't know the country code, you can find out using this helpful site How to Call Abroad. Make sure to select Calling from the United States and then your country).

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