How to create custom notifications using lead processing rules


While offers lead notifications, UTM reports and other lead analytics in convenient default formats some of our users might need the information ASAP and in a custom format. The best way to do this is to create a form notification alert using lead processing rules. ( This would be paralel to the default form submission notification process so you would need to turn the default lead notification one off, to avoid getting two notifications).

This is what you do:

1. First copy the form key of the form you want to create a custom notification for and save it or keep it in your copy/paste bin.


2. Log in and click on marketing.

3. Click on Lead processing rules.

4. Click on add new processing rule.

5. Create your own custom notification form, as shown in the image bellow.

To save some time, you can copy this text and then edit it to your liking:

  • NEW FORM SUBMISSION FROM :  {First_Name}, {Last_Name},
  • EMAIL: {Email}
  • MESSAGE: {Message}
  • PRIMARY PHONE: {Primary_Phone}
  • UTM CONTENT:  {UTM_Content}
  • UTM SOURCE:  {UTM_Source}
  • UTM MEDIUM:  {UTM_Medium}
  • UTM CAMPAIGN: {UTM_Campaign}
  • UTM TERM: {UTM_Term}


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